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  • Twillio

    Twillio allows users to send and receive SMS with local and toll-free numbers, Short Codes or customized Alphanumeric Sender ID.

  • SlickText

    SlickText helps users to drive traffic to business by sending text messages to customers.

  • Tatango

    Tatango is a SMS marketing software that gives solutions to advertisers to have marketing campaigns through SMS.

  • CallFire

    CallFire helps users to use text and phone call reminders to develop customer relationships and alert them to new opportunities.

  • ProTexting

    ProTexting provides users interactive text messages solutions to launch marketing campaigns.

  • Ez Texting

    EZ Texting is a self-service Text Messaging (SMS) and Picture Messaging (MMS) platform that helps marketers and business owners engage customers and increase revenue.

  • TXT 180

    TXT 180 provides comprehensive SMS solutions including auto resonder, sequential messages, vote messages, and lucky draw messages.

  • Trumpia

    Trumpia is the SMS software and API provider that allows users to have mass texting, smart targeting, and automation.

  • TextMagic

    TextMagic is a business text-messaging service for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaigns.

  • Mozeo

    Mozeo is a SMS marketing platform that provides comprehensive tools for advertisers to interact with customers.

  • Mblox

    Mblox is a self-service portal for users to send global SMS.

  • The SMS Works

    The SMS Works provides a low cost and reliable SMS API for developers. All undelivered texts are refunded back to users’ accounts, so there’s zero wastage. Messages start at 1.45 pence per text.


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