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  • Adroll

    Adroll is a marketing tool that allows marketers to attract, convert, and grow customers.

  • TapCommerce

    TapCommerce is now part of Twitter. Twitter ads helps users to target right audience, manage budget, and monitor campaigns.

  • Google Adwords

    Google Adwords is a advertising tool that helps users to attract more customers when they’re using Google Search.

  • Rubicon Project

    Rubicon project is the complete advertising automation solution, allowing buyers and sellers to transact on audiences across every major form of digital inventory reaching users globally.

  • Criteo

    Criteo is the marketing tool that helps users to show dynamic real-time ads to customers by predicting customer’s taste using machine algorithms.

  • Perfect Audience

    Perfect Audience offers solutions for mobile retargeting, dynamic retargeting, web retargeting, and facebook retargeting.

  • Retargeter

    Retargeter help users to optimize ad spend with targeted, real time digital advertising solutions and account management system.

  • TellApart

    TellApart’s personalized approach helps companies turn individual customer preferences into sales by predicting the items each customer will find most delightful and curating experiences that help them discover those products.

  • Vizury

    Vizury is an one-stop marketing platform that offers web retargeting, app retargeting, app re-engagement, and in-app video retargeting.

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