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  • 4INFO

    4INFO helps users to link mobile ads to in-store sales and target customers based on purchase behavior.

  • Airpush

    AirPush is a marketing platfrom that includes Peformance Creative Initiative, Conversion Optimizer, Data-driven Mobile Advertising, Audience Targeting, etc.

  • Google’s AdMob

    Admob is a platform provided by Google where users can gain insights about users, drive more in-app purchaases, and maximize ad revenue.

  • Appodeal

    Appodeal is a mobile ad network that shows ads based on users’ interests and bahavior which provides the most profitable ad on the market.

  • Byyd

    Byyd is a mobile advertising platform which allows users to buy banners, Rich-media, video, and native ads inventory in mobile apps on smartphones and tablets using RTB system.

  • Chartboost

    Chartboost is a mobile games-only ad network that delivers relevant content to players with interstitial and mobile video ads. Users can take full control of who’s in or out, when to show mobile ads, and how frequently.

  • Appnext

    Appnext maximizes users mobile revenue by recommending the most relevant apps to clients, and earn more for each app installed.

  • Search Ads

    Search Ads is a service provided by Apple for users to promote app within the U.S. App Store search results.

  • Tapjoy

    Tapjoy is a mobile marketing automation platform that provides predictive analytics to publishers in order to reach the right users at the right moment.

  • InMobi

    Miip, the InMobi Discovery Platform, personalizes the discovery experience over time, by understanding consumers through conversations.

  • MobFox

    MobFox Advertiser Platform allows users to buy, analyze and optimize mobile ad inventory from different relevant mobile supply source globally.

  • LeadBolt

    LeadBolt is a mobile ad network that matches advertisers with apps by providing advanced partner match technology and dynamic ad delivery.

  • Opera Mediaworks

    OMAX is a real time bidding platform which functions like an auction for mobile display advertising.

  • RevMob

    RevMob is a self service ad platform for advertisers to analyze ads in real time and for developer to monetize apps.

  • Verve Mobile

    Verve is a mobile ad platform that tracks app users’ location to deliver ads according to not only online behavior but also offline behavior.

  • Fyber

    Fyber is a comprehensive ad platform providing ad formats, mediation, SSP, Exchange, publisher tools, and ad portals.

  • Smaato

    SPX is a real-time advertising platform provided by smaato that brings mobile, native and programmatic together on a unified platform.

  • MoPub

    MoPub is a hosted ad serving solution for mobile publishers to grow mobile advertising business with ad management, optimization, and reporting capabilities.

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