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Event Tracking

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  1. Community Tip: Codeless Event Tracking for iOS & Android

  2. Learn How People Use Your App – An App Analytics Tools Round-Up

  3. Track that App! Native Event Tracking is a must.


  • Appsee

    Appsee is a mobile analytics platform provides in-depth analysis of users’ behavior, including tools like touch heatmaps, realtime in-app analytics, automatic events, crash recordings, etc.

  • AppAnalytics

    AppAnalytics is a real-time mobile app analytics for the entire customer lifecycle with event-based analytics, crash analytics, heat map analytics, and gesture recognition.

  • Localytics

    Localytics is a lifecycle analytics & engagement platform for web and mobile apps. It helps customers automate and optimize every stage of the app lifecycle to keep their users engaged and to deliver more personalized experiences.

  • MixPanel

    Mixpanel is an analytics platform for the mobile and web, supporting businesses to study consumer behavior. It enables mobile apps to send users smart and automatic notifications, and analyze the data.

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