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Campaign Measurement

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  2. 3 Proven Ways to Better Measure Your User Acquisition Campaigns

  3. How to Track Mobile App User Acquisition Using Flurry


  • TUNE

    TUNE provides unified marketing console that gives actionable intelligence into what marketing campaigns are driving results from both a paid and organic channels.

  • Kochava

    Kochava provides mobile advertisers with real-time visualization of campaign & user data from initial launch to lifetime value reporting.

  • AppsFlyer

    AppsFlyer helps users with mobile advertising attribution & analytics, with an eye to pinpointing targeting, optimizing ad spend, and boosting ROI.

  • Tapstream

    Tapstream helps app marketers to measure, engage, optimize, and grow.

  • SparkPage

    SparkPage helps users to identify key dropoff points for customers and then automate interventions to fix them.

  • Apptentive

    Apptentive’s mobile customer engagement software provides services including in-app communication, proactive engagement, targeting, reporting & analytics, customization, and integration.

  • Appboy

    Appboy is a CRM tool that help users to not only collect bidirectional data but also have different channels to communicate with users.

  • Converser

    Converser is a mobile automation platform that provides customer profiling, segmentation, in-app messaging, and automation. (Acquired by Swrve)

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