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  1. How to Track Where Your App Ranks for All of Its Keywords

  2. A List of the Top App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools


  • SearchMan

    SearchMan’s product is an unified keyword management platform that makes all data visualized, whcih allows marketers to know the visibility of apps comparing to others.

  • MetricsCat

    MetricsCat provides weekly reports about competitors, API support, keywords suggestions, and sentiment analytics.

  • SensorTower

    SensorTower provides Top Charts & Leaders, App Intelligence, Store Intelligence, and Ad Intelligence to users to grow their apps organically.

  • AppAnnie

    AppAnnie provides market data intelligence, app analytics, and store statistics to users

  • Appnique

    Appnique provides intelligent audience targeting platform to help users create new, high-quality audience.

  • MobileAction

    MobileAction allows users to find winning keywords for apps and follow the recommended actions to boost app’s visibility and find more customers.

  • Gummicube

    Gummicube offers DATACUBE app store intelligence software to users to understand trends, improve the performance of mobile marketing campaigns, and predict consumer demand.

  • AppCodes

    AppCodes allows users to track competitors, check app’s visibility in app store, and investigate related search phrases, popular phrases, and estimated app downloads.

  • AppRadar Keyword

    App Radar’s Keyword Tracker is an ASO Tool supports users finding out the visibility of app and helps users to imporve app’s meta data to gain higher visiblity.

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