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A/B Testing

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  • Amazon A/B Testing

    Amazon’s A/B Testing (Beta) is now closed.

  • Apptimize

    Apptimize allows changing codes for A/B testing, which helps users to test from different aspects.

  • Azetone

    Azetone provides solutions for users to update and test variations of native Mobile Apps in real time and without Store approvals.

  • Kii

  • Leanplum

    Leanplum helps users to deliver mobile engagement, from messaging to the in-app experience, with the only platform designed for intelligent action.

  • Liquid

    Liquid is a tool for user lifecycle management including engagement, retention, monetization, and automation

  • Splitforce

    Splitforce is a mobile A/B testing for iOS, Android, and Unity apps that allows users to get insights of data and rollout changes instantly. (Acquired by Localytics)

  • Taplytics

    Taplytics is a A/B testing platform that gives users flexible A/B testing tools, push notifications, and campaigns, and different 3rd party integrations.

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